FileMaker Consulting Services
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Expertise available when you need it!

The team at NightWing Enterprises works with clients throughout Australia and in many other countries to provide advice, design ideas, problem solving and quality assurance for FileMaker applications and systems.

Our services also include developer support, system support and mentoring for in-house developers and new hires.

When you establish a consulting account with us, you gain priority access to our cutting edge knowledge and expertise, covering all areas of FileMaker platform from security and deployment to data design and coding challendes. We're also acomplished with the interface design aspects of system development.

We provide fleible options for you to reserve a block of hours every quarter (at a reduced rate) or to purchase blocks of time to use up on an ad-hoc basis. Your purchase can be as little as one hour (a sliding scale of rates is available for larger block purchases.

The links below provide additional detail about our rates and the way we work. If you'd like to discuss your requirements we'd be happy to hear from you!