2005 FileMaker Excellence Award - Ray Cologon

2005 FileMaker Excellence Award

FileMaker Excellence Award 2005

For Leadership and Technical Excellence in FileMaker Pro

  Ray Cologon, Nightwing Enterprises

Ray Cologon, an FSA member from Australia, has been awarded the FileMaker Excellence Award for Leadership and Technical Excellence in FileMaker Pro. Here's what his peers had to say:

"Ray's contributions on FSA TechTalk are invaluable. His statements of fact are virtually always dead-on, and his creativity is amazing." "He knows FileMaker Pro backwards and has a deep understanding of why the program is behaving as it does."
  "His posts to Tech-Talk are invariably helpful, thorough, thoughtful, and, importantly, courteous. I have found his contributions to be one of the best ways of gaining a deeper insight into the program." "Ray has an outstanding technical grasp of FileMaker Pro..."
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2005 FileMaker Excellence Award

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