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Fully FileMaker Native System
• Streamlined Workflow •

With Drag & Drop editing of Bookings
directly on Gantt-Style Display!

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NightWing Scheduling System v3.0

For managing the scheduling of assets in time spans based on 15 minute increments

The NightWing Scheduling System v3.0 is optimised for FileMaker 14 (min. requirement, v13), and provides a core feature set for managing bookings (in quarter-hour time increments) of user-defined assets such as rooms, venues, vehicles, people or equipment. The system is user configurable for different asset types and may be licensed for stand-alone use or for deployment to multiple users.

A key feature of the system is the ability to search for available assets (eg rooms, people, vehicles etc.), place bookings and review/edit existing bookings from a single screen, providing an efficient, straightforward and powerful workflow.

Equally significant is the ability to edit bookings directly on the built-in Gantt-style chart which displays a user scrollable span of 16 hours of Bookings at a single view. On the chart, Bookings may be edited in FileMaker Pro using drag-and-drop techniques to change the duration of a booking, move a booking to a different timeslot, or reassign a booking to a different asset (room, car etc). Alternatively, double-clicking a booking on the Chart (or single-clicking in WebDirect, or single-tapping in FileMaker Go) will bring up an editor pane to review or amend any aspect of the booking.

The system's supporting code is entirely FileMaker native, and it is operable across the FileMaker Platform. Please note that drag and drop features are not supported in FileMaker Go or FileMaker WebDirect). While the full-featured user experience is available to FileMaker Pro users, iOS and web users can nevertheless access the essentials of the system to book assets and review bookings.

A demo download of the system is available, loaded with demo data (using room scheduling as the example). By purchasing a license you will gain access to edit the source data (assets register, asset type value list etc) and configure the system for alternative uses (e.g. to schedule cars, booths, equipment people, venues etc.). Purchasing a multi-seat license also unlocks the user account management components of the system, allowing you to create and manage user accounts for a specified number of licensed users.

The licensing options provide for per-seat licenses for up to 31 users, site licenses for 32 or more users (per deployment), or developer licensing to gain full access to the code so that you can customise the system or incorporate it into your own solution(s). Additional information can be found by downloading the License Pricing & Terms pdf at the links provided (see above).

Note: For asset booking management by whole-day or overnight periods, see our counterpart product, the NightWing Booking System, which provides day-based bookings and displays bookings across a two-month period.

Scheduling System - Main Screen
Scheduling System - Interactive Gantt Chart

Documentation     •     License Pricing/Terms     •     Download     •     Purchase



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