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FileMaker Excellence Awards 2005

For Leadership and Technical Excellence
in FileMaker Pro

Ray Cologon, Nightwing Enterprises

Ray Cologon, an FBA member from Australia, has been awarded the FileMaker Excellence Award for Leadership and Technical Excellence in FileMaker Pro. Here's what his peers had to say:

"Ray's contributions on FBA TechTalk are invaluable. His statements of fact are virtually always dead-on, and his creativity is amazing." "He knows FileMaker Pro backwards and has a deep understanding of why the program is behaving as it does."
"His posts to Tech-Talk are invariably helpful, thorough, thoughtful, and, importantly, courteous. I have found his contributions to be one of the best ways of gaining a deeper insight into the program."

"Ray has an outstanding technical grasp of FileMaker Pro. He is generous of his time in responding readily to people of all levels of competence. He has the rare ability to explain concepts clearly and concisely." "He also frequently provides working files as examples, and has a readily available resource of files available on his Nightwing web site. When I see a post by him, I always make time to read it carefully because I know I will be enriched by it." "Because of his contributions to the FM community we are all better developers. Truly the heart of a teacher and an excellent understanding of FileMaker makes for a great combination that benefits the FileMaker community." "I think Ray rocks!"

For Evangelism and Outstanding Contribution
to the FileMaker Community

Olivier Devriese, Lasource Multimedia

Olivier Devriese of Lasource Multimédia has been developing in FileMaker for more than 10 years. He is a key member of the FSA community in France and in the world. Olivier is a FileMaker 7 Certified Developer. He is providing amazing websites and resources both for the French FileMaker Community but as well for the developers around the world with one of the most visited worldwide web site about FileMaker: Resources include developer tools, plug-ins, training, events and more.
Olivier was one of the key drivers of the First French FileMaker Conference in 2005 (

For Developing Outstanding Technical and
Training Resources for FileMaker

Yukio Takaoka, Genecom,Inc. Tokyo

Yukio Takaoka, founder and president of Genecom, Inc.Tokyo has been working on developing FileMaker databases for over 10 years. Mr. Yukio Takaoka has extensive technical knowledge of FileMaker Pro. He is the author of the following 3 books regarding FileMaker Pro 7/6/5.x.
•  FileMaker Pro Advanced Seminar (Publisher:Ohmusha)
•  FileMaker Pro Web Database Seminar (Publisher:Ohmusha)
•  FileMaker Pro Function Seminar (Publisher:Ohmusha)
He is also a co-author of the following FileMaker Pro 5.5 related book. - FileMaker Pro Advance Technique (Publisher: ASCII)

He is a very significant contributor to the FileMaker community. For example, Genecom runs a FileMaker related portal site '', and he is a chief editor of this site. Designed for the benefit of FileMaker developers, users and communities in Japan, the site provides comprehensive information about FileMaker products, business and community including Special Features, News, Plug-in & Custom Function, Books, Columns, User Success Stories and FileMaker Community Links. Yukio Takaoka is also one of the key members of FM-Tokyo, the largest FileMaker Users Group in Japan.

Genecom and another company called Balloon Help jointly runs FM-Tech, a FileMaker seminar collaboration project and training course in Japan. He provides FileMaker Pro technical seminars and serves as a FileMaker trainer to FileMaker users at FM-Tech in both Tokyo and Osaka. He has been a member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance for more than 8 years. He has made an outstanding contribution to the FileMaker community in Japan in multiple areas and roles as a developer, author, portal site editor/manager, trainer, and influencer.

For Top Revenue Generator in the SBA Program for FY 2005

Pre1 Software, Portland, OR

Pre1 is the developer of SmartPublisher™ - an integrated publishing system for non-daily newspapers and magazines. SmartPublisher saves time and expenses while increasing revenues with it´s cross-platform, modular, affordable and powerful solution. For more information, visit their website.

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Overheard at DevCon:

"Actually, the features in 8, the Export feature is huge; it makes the difference between having users just look at the data and say 'Oh, well our billing numbers are X,Y, Z,' as opposed to being able to take that data out and manipulate those numbers, which I think will be huge for people. To me, that alone is a reason to go to 8."

— Carolyn Nushralla, University of Nebraska Medical Center


Overheard at DevCon:

"Consolidation of many steps into one makes a big difference. In terms of both developers and UI, the new tab feature is really useful. Developers don't have to make all those layouts, and that is a huge time-saver."

— Joe Sisson, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center


Overheard at DevCon:

"It's really been a lifesaver for us."

— Mike Derks, University of Nebraska Medical Center


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