NightWing Enterprises Team Leaders

NightWing Enterprises is about more than just excellence - we are committed to collaborating with our clients to solve problems and to extend the reach of the human hand through software. The key members of our team have a breadth of experience and expertise that ensures we understand what's required to make systems that integrate seamlessly with organisational workflows.

We firmly believe that computer systems should work with you, rather than require you to work with them. We are dedicated to the concept of sophisticated simplicity. The members of our project leadership team, featured below, spare no effort to ensure that the details are taken care of and that our work exceeds expectations.

Ray Cologon, PhD.  —   Director of Development

Ray is an internationally recognised FileMaker Pro expert as well as a business and technical strategist and project manager with a record of achievement in the implementation of new systems and strategic and policy initiatives. Ray is FileMaker Certified for versions 7 to 18 inclusive.

Ray has a background in Higher Education Administration. Over thirty years of experience have equipped Ray with the ability to effectively manage change in a variety of environments. His experience includes business process re-engineering, IT development project management, systems integration and human resource management.

Ray Cologon PhD, Director of Development

Ray Cologon

Katherine Russell  —   Team Leader and Senior Analyst

Katherine is a FileMaker Certified Developer specializing in initial project design, complete production, and adaptation of existing systems to new business goals. She also focuses on hardware, networking, and integration issues related to FileMaker.

Katherine has created solutions in a wide variety of industries, including finance, aviation, medical care, education and manufacturing. Katherine has over 17 years experience as a FileMaker developer and holds certifications in all versions of FileMaker to date.

Katherine Russell, Team Leader and Senior Analyst

Katherine Russell

Pierre Van Osselaer, PhD.   —   Senior Systems Architect

Pierre is a FileMaker Certified Developer with over 30 years experience in IT. He started developing FileMaker solutions in 1988. He is widely recognised for his analytical skills and his expertise in database development and the design of large scale systems, system integration, and complex calculations.

Pierre has designed and managed development for a variety of management systems, including applications for education, and scientific research, libraries, government departments and service industries, . He also carried system evaluation and selection projects in a range of contexts.

Pierre Van Osselaer PhD, Senior Systems Architect

Pierre Van Osselaer