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FileMaker Master Classes 2015
What Others Have Said!

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  Selected comments from attendees at previous
three-day master classes presented by Ray Cologon.

  • Carl Henshall, UK:
    "It was great to get three days worth of Ray's incredibly deep knowledge of all things FileMaker. The knowledge gained will undoubtedly make me a better FileMaker developer. My greater understanding of the concepts will help me understand why one way of achieving something is better than another. Being in a room with a small number of highly experienced developers was also hugely beneficial."
  • John Mathewson, Connecticut, USA:
    "Ray seeks answers to questions that others may gloss over. His detailed curiosity leads to original ideas of significant insight and value. The level of preparation was top notch and class materials were well thought out, fresh, and useful. In many areas, they forged new ground for me. The presentation remained engaging and thoughtful from start to finish!"
  • Naomi Fujimoto, Japan:
    "The class was full of groundbreaking ideas, and I was surprised to know that most of them aren't new but have been available for several versions.

You can't be an expert of FileMaker without taking this class."

  • Rob Russell, New Zealand:
    "This was an intense course, for which I hoped and expected. The benefits, to me, have started coming after the course as I'm exploring ways of upping best practice in the real world, and spending time analysing some of the examples provided.

The Master Class covered the sort of material that every FileMaker developer should have a serious argument with themselves about (and not win each time). It was an opportunity to try to challenge with new ideas and test if these really worked or not, and if not, why.

Thanks for putting it together, I really appreciated it."

  • Mike McCabe, Connecticut, USA:
    "It was all fantastic! The philosophy and enthusiasm about the huge value FileMaker offers is a great source of motivation to push me to new heights and to explore areas I had never considered. This alone is enough to make me feel as if the time has been worthwhile. The incredibly helpful examples that we got to review AND take home to explore and re-work are equally valuable. Thank you!"
  • Mathijs Van Beurden, Netherlands:
    "The level of conversation was very high! I loved the input of other attendees also! The class exceeded my expectations. Well done!"
  • Stan Millar, Australia:
    "Ray has the knack of explaining things in a manner that is easily understood by both advanced and those with less experience. At no time did any of us feel that our level of expertise was valued less than any others."
  • Lawrence Camp, North Carolina, USA:
    "There are many brilliant and knowledgeable people in the FileMaker community and Ray Cologon is among the best of the best. The concepts presented were challenging and exciting for me, a FileMaker developer with 20+ years experience. This class has changed the way I'll develop solutions and given me a much greater appreciation of the FileMaker platform. I'd recommend it to all experienced developers who want to advance their FileMaker skill set."
  • Arild Schönberg, Sweden:
    "The width of the content was impressive and very educational. Ray Cologon is an excellent tutor and keeps the flow of knowledge moving forward. Ray urges the participants to participate, so as to activate our interest in the subject. Never a dull moment!"
  • John Renfrew, UK:
    "I attended the London event last year and I got LOADS out of it. Some was specifics of the kind of developer tricks that make us all better ( i.e. quicker and better), some was more about what you learn from someone who has quite a different approach or business than yours. Part of our job to become 'advanced' developers must surely be to believe that no matter how far we might have progressed there might be times when it is helpful to go back to first principles and see if there is anything else to discover.

I can do nothing other than highly recommend it..."

  • Scott Newton, California, USA:
    "The material shared was very useful for advanced developers. I had many ah-ha moments (penny dropped!) on a variety of subjects, and some good collaboration and networking with fellow developers.

The demo files as a means of follow-up and keeping us from bogging down in detail was a great feature. Like a good university course, it leaves the student responsible for engaging in the detail, and the instructor free to dwell in the space of concepts and ideas, and discussion and engagement with students."

  • Willem-Jan Kempen, Netherlands:
    "It was excellent! The way it was presented was very pleasant and sophisticated and clear. The open view of different approaches and thereby comparing the differences was a pleasant and correct attitude. The amount of subjects being addressed was very broad and the depth was still very good, excellent job. I really enjoyed listening to Ray."
  • Brenton Boswell, Sydney, Australia:
    "I was not nearly qualified for this, but that proved quite unimportant. This is because Ray is remarkably clear with every word (really - the precision in verbal communication, even though relaxed and leisurely in pace, was amazing to watch), and because it's so rare to be able to see things from the high-level expert view even before you've done many of the things in the middle. I think I learned something about learning, in fact. What a great opportunity it was.

I will be able to fill the gaps in my knowledge having already heard Ray's philosophy and seen it demonstrated. This is rare and incredibly valuable.

It was of course also good to meet others in the course, and this has opened up possibilities too. A huge thank you!"

  • Matthew Greger, Connecticut, USA:
    "Highlights for me were 'Think our way forward' and "'The envelope is there to be pushed'! Thank you for opening my eyes to look outside the boxed copy.

Ray has given me information to re-think how we are currently developing in order to be more streamlined and efficient while maintaining better integrity with our systems. Thank you!"

  • Masahiro Kawamura, Japan:
    "This Class has given me a lot more benefits than I expected.

I realize about ANOTHER DIMENSION of FileMaker from your deep consideration and wide connection to each FileMaker Criteria such as Data-Modeling, Calculation, Scripting...

I think this Master Class will be the Milestone of Journey for improving my skill."

  • Graham Sibley, UK:
    "I think the flow of ideas within the room was very positive, and Ray's experience and ability to give an insight on almost any FileMaker topic is amazing."
  • Betty Besio, New York, USA:
    "The three day course gave more time to understand Ray's perspective (which I have always valued) on creative approaches to using FileMaker features beyond written documentation or the FileMaker Training Series.

The example files were just fantastic and give the opportunity to delve deeper."

  • Ketil Heyerdahl, Norway:
    "I had high expectations, and they were fulfilled! It was three extraordinary days! Ray is a very good teacher, and also a very nice person! It was impressive to see him teaching hour after hour, day after day."
  • Roy Ruiz, Australia:
    "Was a great experience! Athough I may not have had the full skill set of an advanced user, everything that I was taught will have a huge influence on how I build and develop on FileMaker in the future. Very grateful for the skills and lessons taught. Thank you!"
  • Daniel Bondard, France:
    "The concept of this masterclass, with wide and integrated views was very positive. Ray is very technical but also an excellent and very clear orator. A perfect combination. The group discussions were also interesting."
  • Matt Ellsworth, New York, USA:
    "This was an awesome experience as someone who hasn't been to any other FileMaker type events. I learned a LOT and the information was presented in a clear and concise matter without drilling down so far that it is information overload.

Among the highlights for me were the tons of information with tips and tricks that fill in a lot of the apparent gaps in FileMaker. Lots of strategies for how to develop faster, design quicker, and scale solutions."

  • Shin Ninagawa, Japan:
    "I really appreciate that Ray made this class happen in Japan! It was really a precious opportunity for us. All the content and his knowledge were really deep and high level. I highly recommend that all developers attend this class, regardless of whether you are a professional developer or in-house developer. This class is very special!"
  • Damon Casey, UK:
    "I looked forward to spending time hearing of Ray's experiences and knowledge and this did not disappoint! Ray has an immense knowledge of FileMaker and having the ability to tap that knowledge over 3 days was fantastic. I learnt things about the inner workings of FileMaker and how it structures databases that I would otherwise only learn by working with the FileMaker engineers themselves so this was extremely valuable."

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