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FileMaker Master Classes 2015
FileMaker Master Class - Broader View
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  FileMaker Master Class - Broader View

  Ray Cologon (AUS)

  Chancellor Hotel, Union Square, San Francisco
433 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

  30 March - 1 April 2015



  USD $1,250

[Note: Travel, accommodation and incidental expenses are not covered by the event fee.]

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The Master Class requires a minimum of 15 Attendees to take place and is limited to a maximum of 20 Attendees.

Places will be allocated in the order that reservations are received, up to the maximum for the event. All registrations are binding. Invoices will only be issued if the event in question reaches the required minimum number of registrations.

The final decision will be made 2 March 2015 based on whether the minimum number of attendees has been reached.

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The 2015 FileMaker Master Class - Broader View is an intensive three-day seminar dedicated to expanding your knowledge and broadening your approach to FileMaker development. With a cap of 20 attendees, topics such as Perspectives on Solution Design, Application Models, Advanced Scripting Techniques and Designing for Scalability are explored with insight, energy and rigour. Join one of the most widely recognised innovators in FileMaker today, Ray Cologon, for a challenging, enlightening and inspiring three days of new ideas, elegant code and real-world information.

The class will take place over three days and will comprise six substantive and wide-ranging topics as detailed below. Each topic will commence with a presentation and overview of the key points, including or followed by demos as appropriate. Subsequently for each main topic, questions and discussion will be invited, after which a workshop format will be adopted to explore key ideas emerging from the discussion.

Examples and proof-of-concept files will be available to participants, and further examples contributed by participants during the classes will (with permission) also be made available to attendees. Interaction between participants is encouraged as part of a mutual learning, exploration and professional development process. However, please be aware that extended discussion may impact the schedule, and the ability to cover all the planned content.

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Day 0 (The evening before) *
Dinner and Preliminary Discussion
      Dinner in a restaurant (not covered by the event fee)
      Introduction of Presenter and Participants
      Overview of the Schedule
           * Attendance at the 'Day 0' evening event is optional

Day 1
      Logistics and Orientation
      Framework and Purpose of the Master Class

Perspectives on Solution Design
      Taking the "Design Rethink" Opportunity
      The Simplicity Principle as a Solution Design Axiom
      Evolving Concepts of User Interaction Modelling
      Getting More out of FileMaker Interface Elements
      Doing More with Less: Visual Dynamism Options
      Achieving Precision, Subtlety & Depth with Object/Attribute Controls
      Harnessing the New FileMaker Design Surface
      Designing for Device-specific Operability

Data and Structure: FileMaker Application Models
      Reviewing Data Modelling and Entity Relationships
      A Deeper Look at the Handling of Associative Entities in FileMaker
      Conceptual Separation between Tables and Table Aliases (TOs)
      Graph Management and its Implications
      Optimal Use of Themes and Styles in FileMaker
      File Structures: Data Separation & Multi-Application Solution Options
      Multi-Platform & Multi-Device Design Considerations
      Understanding and Managing File Interdependencies
      Versioning and its Implications and Practicalities

Day 2
Process Control: Advanced Scripting Techniques
      Abstraction and the Principles of Modular and Reusable Code
      Precise Timing Control in Loop and Interaction Applications
      Optimal Solution Script Architectures
      Management of Lengthy Script Sequences and User Feedback Options
      The Concept of "Processing in Place" vs Macro Coding
      Server and Client Trade-Offs including Perform Script on Server
      Advanced Control and Automation Techniques using Script Triggers
      Code Architectures for Solution Management and Control
      Control Systems for Managing Version Deployment

Code Logic: The FileMaker Calculation Engine
      Steps Towards Optimal Handling of Code and Data
      Logical Dependencies, Redundancy & Code Efficiency
      Logic in the Interface Layer
      Compound Syntax Challenges
      Code Optimisation and the FileMaker Calc Engine
      Native Calculation Power vs Extensibility with Plug-Ins and Custom Functions
      Examples of Alternate Code Models for Complex Calculations
      Techniques for Controlling Calculation Dependency

Day 3
Designing for Scalability
      FileMaker Development Life-Cycle Overview and Options
      Frameworks for Design Validation and Load Testing
      Design and Development Techniques that Scale vs Those that Fail
      Special Considerations and Optimisations for Large-Scale Solutions
      Understanding the Nuances of Indices and their Implications.
      Understanding FileMaker's Caching Systems
      Advanced Control of Referential Integrity in FileMaker
      Local-Code/Remote-Data and WAN Optimisation

Advanced Development Techniques & Quality Assurance
      Value and Trade-Offs of Standards-Based Development
      Considering a Frameworks-Based Approach
      Effective Models for "Harmony" with FileMaker
      The Anatomy of Error - Fault Tracing in FileMaker
      The Value of Stubs and Maquettes in Testing and Analysis
      Quality Assurance in the Context of the FileMaker Development Life-Cycle
      Etiology and Remediation of Database File Corruption
      Innovative Deployment Models for the FileMaker Platform
      Custom Environments for Solution Management

      Review, Q&A, Discussion
      Feedback, Evaluations and Follow-Up

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The outline (list of topics, as above) can be downloaded as a pdf document here .

The full content details can be downloaded as a pdf document here .

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  Ray Cologon
Ray is the founder of NightWing Enterprises, a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and provider of advanced FileMaker services to clients around the globe. For well over a decade, his innovative FileMaker techniques and examples and his books on FileMaker development have provided resources to developers wishing to elevate their skills or extend their reach. Ray is an award winning speaker, and in 2005 was recipient of a FileMaker Inc. award for Leadership and Technical Excellence in FileMaker Pro. In addition to authoring FileMaker books, articles, technical briefs and training materials, Ray has been a presenter at numerous FileMaker conferences and events and has been a longstanding contributor to FileMaker discussion lists and co-moderator of several public FileMaker forums.


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