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Native Encryption Systems
for FileMaker v7 and later

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Building on the technology of DataVaultMaker® v1.x, we are pleased to bring you DataVaultMaker® 2.0 Lite - a versatile data encryption system for incorporation into FileMaker™ Pro solutions.

DataVaultMaker 2.0 Lite provides each registered user with a unique pair of custom encryption functions which can be installed in FileMaker solution files for use in scripts and calculations, allowing the efficient and seamless use of strong encryption to secure passwords, access codes and sensitive data in FileMaker (v7 and later). The functions provide password protection on encrypt and decrypt for maximum strength and security.
DataVaultMaker® - Screen Art
Using second-generation DataVaultMaker technology, the DataVaultMaker 2.0 Lite functions have been redesigned to operate as unique and discrete pairs of FileMaker Custom Functions - optimised for efficiency and extended functionality. More efficient, yet easier to use than ever before.

Simply call the encode function in a calculation or script, supplying the text to be encoded and an optional password and the encode function will return a tightly encrypted string. Pass the encrypted string and the correct password to the decrypt function and it will restore the original information. The functions use the powerful recursion principles available in the (fp7 and fmp12) platform to enable the functions to process up to 200,000 characters of text at a time.

Each licensed copy of DataVaultMaker 2.0 Lite will be unique with its own fundamental structural and cryptographic 'signature', making it completely incompatible with all others. Data which have been encrypted with a particular copy cannot be decrypted with any other, even if the password used to encrypt the data is known.

As a capable programmer, why should you buy a licensed pair of custom functions from us? Because although the technology of custom functions is remarkably compact you can nevertheless expect to save yourself days of coding and testing - for a nominal fee.

The DataVaultMaker functions are fully cross-platform and unlike a plug-in based tool, they reside inside the database application itself, giving added convenience and security. A developer license (the only kind we sell) gives you distribution rights for unlimited locked solutions.

Features include:
  • The functions will encode and decode long strings (up to 200,000 characters in a single pass and can even be used in auto-enter calcs for ultimate automation!
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  • Optional password protection on encode (if a password is specified at encode, the string cannot be decodede unless the same password is supplied on decode).
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  • encoding capability for number, date, time and text data formats (with the resulting encrypted strings stored in a text field or a text file)
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  • support for an 82 character alpha/numeral/symbol set, along with the capability to (optionally) specify a custom character set for each licensed encoding/decoding formula pair - eg to provide support for foreign languages or specialised requirements
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  • compatible with secondary processing techniques (use of escape sequences) to extend the supported character set beyond 82 in cases where this may be required (for most purposes 82 will suffice!)
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  • complete flexibility in how the encryption/decryption is applied - the functions will work in scripts, calcuations and auto-enter calcs (NB: not recommended for unstored calculations becuase of the processor overhead involved)
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  • this is a robust multi-part cryptosystem with built-in checksums which is capable of data throughput of 1k per second or better on current/recent hardware (benchmark based on 1.2GHz P4 / 800Mhz G4).
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  • high-level unicode-based encryption with an encryption strength which is approximately equivalent to 1024 bit binary encryption algorithms.
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  • all FileMaker native code for maximum portability, cross-platform capability, compactness and simplicity
In all, DataVaultMaker 2.0 Lite offers a virtually instantaneous way to achieve powerful encryption capabilities in your FileMaker database solutions. A versatile addition to your arsenal of developer techniques and a streamlined path to peace of mind for your data - and that of your end users.

Here's a small taste of what one of the DataVaultMaker 2.0 Lite cryptosystems will produce (ie the encrypted output) when we fed it a sentence from the top of this page:


When decoded by the appropriate decryption formula produced by DataVaultMaker, the above cypher reads:
"Building on the success of DataVaultMaker v1.0, we are pleased to bring you DataVaultMaker 2.0 Lite."
The original 113 characters of plain English are, as you can see, translated into 132 characters of impenetrable gibberish - in which no hint or pattern of the original text can be discerned - by man or machine. However the encrypted string can be reliably and efficiently decoded if - and only if - you have the matching DataVaultMaker function *and* can supply the password used at the time of encryption.

Since DataVaultMaker is capable of producing an extraordinarily large number of different (and completely incompatible) encoding and decoding formula pairs (of the order of 4.97 x 10^372 - which, for the sake of comparison, is many orders of magnitude greater than the number of nanoseconds in a trillion years) - there is no realistic prospect that anyone will stumble upon the same formula.

in compliance with export control requirements under Regulation 13E of the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations. [DTCC Ref: 31825]


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